Cajun Fusion Menu

Napoleon Wrap

3 meat Jambalaya drizzled with Gumbo and wrapped in a warm 8 inch tortilla.

$3 +tax

Southern Sausage Nachos    

Yellow corn tortilla chips layered with rotel and cheese, Red Beans and Sausage, chives, and with or without of jalapenos.

Bonaparte Burrito           

Large Flour tortilla stuffed with 3 meat Jambalaya and topped with Gumbo and chives.

Smothered Opelousas Open-Faced

4 toasted Hawaiian roll halves covered with melted swiss cheese, smothered with Etouffee, topped with whole kernel corn and chives, and garnished with crushed red pepper.         

$7 +tax

$8 +tax

$9 +tax